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Q: We are apprehensive about placement; what should we do?
You are members of the first great "sandwich generation", trying to balance commitments to your children, as well as to your elderly. Feelings of apprehension and reluctance to place a loved one in a long term care facility are normal. Rest assured, Golden Acres is experienced in providing the social and emotional support you need. When the placement process is completed, we find in families a great sense of relief and accomplishment in having made the nursing home decision.

Q: Does living at Golden Acres Manor mean giving up independence?
Losing one's independence refers more to one's medical needs than to the life style at Golden Acres. Our facility has a history of not only extending life, but of enhancing living through the many activities and opportunities provided.

Q: What type of life will I find at Golden Acres Manor?
Golden Acres is designed to accommodate our residents in one of 17 semi-private rooms or one of 30 private rooms located in four wings. Each wing has a state of the art whirlpool tub and a shower.

Several visiting areas are situated throughout the building, allowing residents and guests to enjoy one another's company. Meals may be shared with guests in the general dining room, or upon request, a more private area within the facility.

Activities throughout the day are numerous, sometimes extending into the evening. Religious emphasis is important at Golden Acres. Protestant chapel services are held on Wednesday and Sunday, and Catholic Mass is on Friday.

"What's for dinner? It sure smells good around here!" This is a common remark. Serving delicious and attractive meals is important to the emotional well being of our residents. To ensure that nutritional requirements are being met, our staff vigorously adheres to general diet orders, diabetic orders, and special diet orders prescribed by attending physicians. We serve 9300 meals and snacks each month.

Nursing care is a major component of Golden Acres Manor. We require 15 nurses and 35-40 certified nursing assistants. They give nearly 500 baths, dispense numerous medications and perform a multitude of treatments, along with any and all other nursing duties.

Add to the above list the bookkeeping needs, housekeeping and laundry services, social services, maintenance matters, and administrative duties, and you can see that we are literally a "city within a city."

Q: How do we pay for nursing home services?
Payment for nursing home care can be done through a variety of methods including Private Pay, Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans benefits, or Long Term Care insurance. Not all methods will apply to every Resident. Please contact our Business Office manager to discuss payment options in more detail.

Several room options are available for those opting to pay for a private room. Also family members may contribute to cover the difference between the Medicaid rate and the private room rate.

Golden Acres is proud to state that it has the lowest rates of all nursing homes in a 60 mile radius. We would be happy to show you the rates of any facility in our area for your comparison and review.

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